You’ve all heard of CAD and RMS and know they are integral systems for operating a law enforcement organization. However, in today’s policing a new system is required. The third leg of the Police “3-Legged Stool” is an Agency Management System (AMS). Thankfully this third system does not come with the same price tag or require the intense resource allocation of CAD and RMS, but it is equally integral to operating in an environment of ever increasing demands that outpace government budgets.

With today’s increased demands and expectations on law enforcement agencies, gone are the days of just responding to calls for service and writing reports. Therefore, a third software solution is required in addition to CAD and RMS systems. In general, Agency Management Systems (AMS) enable quicker search and access to critical data, targeted information sharing, user-friendly electronic workflows, and facilitate collaboration so key initiatives and group problem solving are accomplished more efficiently.

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The Intelligence Collaboration Module of SmartForce™ is designed to help reduce targeted crime and to keep officers more informed. The applications in this module provide a CJIS compliant communication and collaboration platform that drives more efficiency and accountability for reducing crime. In addition, the mobile functionality keeps officers informed of specific alerts and key events that are discussed from shift to shift whether they are in the office, in their cars, or on foot patrol.

SmartForce™ is the only communication and collaboration platform recommended by the authors of the evidenced-based policing strategy called Stratified Policing that takes the best practices of CompStat, Problem-oriented Policing, Hotspots Policing, Disorder Policing, Intelligence-led Policing, and Traditional Policing and adds accountability.

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The High Liability Management Module of SmartForce™ is designed to help reduce risks and vulnerabilities that exist in law enforcement. The applications in this module provide automated workflows to report and manage Response to Resistance, Field Training, Complaints/Commendations, Vehicle Pursuits, PIO Data, Policy Compliance, Accreditation, and Performance Reviews.

SmartForce™ is the only software solution that includes temporal sequencing in its Response to Resistance application which is crucial to better diagnosing effective uses of force. Body worn camera video can also be easily attached to the SmartForce™ Response to Resistance reports.

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The Community Collaboration Module of SmartForce™ is designed to connect your agency securely with other local/regional/state/federal law enforcement agencies for intelligence sharing as well as connect your agency to key community organizations to build deeper relationships and greater levels of trust with the community you serve.

SmartForce™ has allowed our most effective community-oriented policing agencies to connect securely to key organizations such as Schools, Citizens on Patrol, Pawn Shops, Retail Businesses, Churches, and Festivals. SmartForce™ can also connect your agency securely with neighboring police or sheriff’s departments, regional SWAT, task forces, the district attorney, etc.

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SmartForce™ allows agencies to Automate and Integrate the many systems, processes, and reporting that are often housed in different software silos or conducted though painful paper processes. The SmartForce™ Dashboard gives a heads-up display on the metrics and results of key law enforcement indicators outside of RMS. In addition, the All Applications library integrates multiple software systems into one location which eliminates the need for keeping up with multiple log-in URL’s. Many common electronic workflows are included and custom electronic workflows can be designed as well to boost efficiency in administration so more time can be dedicated to problem-oriented or community-oriented policing.

Some of our most popular automated law enforcement processes are; Document Management, Policy Acknowledgement, Talent Management, Extra-Duty, Court Calendar, and Inventory Management.

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